Repealist is a not for profit imprint of Birch and Stag that was created in August 2017, to raise funds for disenfranchised communities in Ireland, so no one has to suffer for being a migrant, or poor, or queer, or disabled, or a woman, by helping them grown their community supports and giving them greater access to representation and advocacy.

The work of Repealist has been humbly documented in 2017, through students in Northumbria University School of Fashion, who have used the example of Repealist to illustrate their final projects in their module on "Fashion and Diversity", exploring how Repealist's disruptive design ethos, and advocacy work, has actively helped further the social conversation to give people agency over their actions and their bodies in Ireland. You can also find national and international coverage of Repealist's work, under the "Press." section of this website.

In the last six months Repealist has raised upwards of €3,750 for a variety of organisations including but not limited to:

Coalition to Repeal The 8th Amendment
Abortion Rights Campaign Ireland
Abortion Support Network
Bi+ Ireland

Women for Election
Homeless Period Dublin
@HomelessPeriodD on Twitter
St. Peter's School, Rathgar for children with special needs
Trinity Med Day

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